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Do Men Get Feelings After Sex?

We often think of men as being "emotionless" when it comes to sex. But is that really true? Do men really not experience any feelings after sex?


It turns out that men do have feelings after sex. In fact, they may even have stronger feelings than women do. A man's brain is wired differently than a woman's, and this can affect the way he experiences emotions.

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  • For example, a man's brain is designed to focus on the physical sensations of sex. This means that a man is more likely to feel the physical pleasure of sex more than the emotional connection.

  • However, that doesn't mean that men don't experience emotions after sex. In fact, they may even feel a deeper emotional connection than women do. This is because sex is a very intimate act. It is a physical and emotional connection that can be very powerful.

Sex can be a very bonding experience for a man. It can create a sense of intimacy and closeness that he may not have felt before. This can be a very positive experience for a man, and it can lead to him feeling more emotionally connected to his partner.

So, while men may not experience the same depth of emotion after sex that women do, they can still feel a range of emotions. These can include happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and even love.

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