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How To Cancel Order In Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people can buy and sell services.

How To Cancel Order In Fiverr

To cancel an order, go to the order page and click on the “cancel order” button. If you have not paid for your order yet, you will be able to cancel it for free.

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Follow these simple steps to cancel an order from Fiver.

Go to your Fiverr dashboard. On your dashboard, you'll see all the orders that have been submitted to you as well as your current project.

  • If you are a buyer, you will see all the order requests you have made as well as any open requests.

Click the order you want to cancel. That order will open in a new page.

  • Both buyers and sellers are able to see the order page.

Click Visit the Resolution Center. You'll be directed to the resolution center.

Click to select the option next to "Ask the buyer to cancel this order." If you're the buyer, you'll see "Ask the seller to cancel this order" instead.

Click to select an appropriate reason under "Can you give us more detail on why?" Your reason here might affect your gig rank or reviews.

Click Continue.

Type your message to the buyer/seller about canceling the order. In the text box, you can type a message to the buyer or seller about why you want to cancel the order. Be clear here because any misunderstanding can result in a bad review.

Click Send. You will be redirected back to the order page, but it will be in dispute. It's now the buyer's/seller's turn to accept or reject the dispute. If accepted, the order will be canceled mutually.

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