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How To Check Glo Number

There are many Glo customers in Nigeria, but some cannot say their numbers aloud from their heads. Since the country has multiple telecommunications companies and people are allowed to own several lines from different networks, most Nigerians have not memorized all the numbers they use.

How To Check Glo Number

How to check Glo number in Nigeria 

Glo is among the best networks in Nigeria because its airtime call rates and data packages are cheaper than some networks. If you would love to know how to check your Glo number, use any of the following alternatives:

  1. How to know my Glo number by calling a four-digit number Insert your Glo sim card into your phone, turn the gadget on, and call 1244. You will receive an activation code from Glo, and an automated voice will dictate your number, digit by digit. 2. How to check number on Glo using a multi-network USSD code. 
  2. Check Glo number fast, dial *135*8#. Your mobile phone's screen will display the number with the country code. 
  3. Here is how to check my number on Glo by confirming my tariff plan Learn how to get my Glo number by confirming the tariff plan. Put your Glo sim card in your phone, turn it on, and follow these instructions. Dial *777# on your device. Select 4 (My tariff plan). Select 3 (My number). Your phone will display your Glo number on the screen.
  4. Call or text your phone contacts. Insert your Glo sim card in your phone, turn it on, and call or text anyone near you. The number displayed on their phone is your Glo number. This is the simplest way to know your mobile number for any network, but be careful not to do this with strangers because you might share your number with malicious strangers. 

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