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How To Transfer Airtime On Glo

With millions of users across the entire country of Nigeria, Glo is still one of the biggest and oldest communication networks. They provide outstanding network service and top-notch user support. Process of registering a Glo NIN. 

How To Transfer Airtime On Glo

You can send airtime to friends and family as you see fit with this Glo airtime transfer option. But keep in mind that any extra airtime you receive when you recharge cannot be moved. This indicates that the only airtime that may be transferred is the amount you directly recharged using *123*pin#. 

The remaining items are more or less perks that cannot be shared with other users. You can read instructions for using Glo to borrow airtime. 

How to move airtime between Glo to Glo lines 

There are few steps involved in the relatively simple procedure of transferring airtime between Glo users. They comprise:

Using the USSD Code

This is probably the easiest and most convenient method. Basically, it should be your first choice, with the other two  on standby in case it fails. 

Here are the steps  to transfer airtime to Glo via USSD:


Insert your Glo SIM card into your device

Dial *131# and wait for the prompt. If successful, Glo will ask you to enter the recipient's phone number, the amount to be transferred, and their PIN. 

If you prefer to  dial everything at once, just use the code: *131*Number of recipients*Amount* PIN# 

However, before the transfer you need to change your default PIN(00000) to any value. Basically you can do this by dialing *132*00000*newpin*newpin#.  

Dialing Glo Customer Care

Dialing Glo Customer Care is for those who prefer to take a more vocal approach to resolving this issue. Basically, it is just as easy as calling their customer care number.

  1. Dial their official customer care number; 121.
  2. After dialing, you have to wait for some minutes and request to speak to an agent.
  3. Explain your request to the agent and he or she would request for the number you intend to transfer airtime to. Within a minute or two, your airtime balance would be debited while the recipients’ balance credited.

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