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The Complete Guide to Character Switching in Grand Theft Auto V

What is character switching and how does it work?

Character switching is a feature in GTA V that allows the player to change between three characters. This can be done by pressing the button on the controller. The player can switch between Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

The character switch feature was first introduced in GTA IV and it is used to change the protagonist from Niko Bellic to Johnny Klebitz or Luis Lopez.

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How to Switch Playable Characters in GTA Online (GTA 5)

You can switch playable characters in GTA Online (GTA 5) by using the following steps:

  • In the multiplayer pause menu, select "Change Character" and choose your desired character.
  • Press "Start" to load up your new character in GTA Online (GTA 5).

How to Change Characters in GTA 5 Single Player Mode

When you play in single player mode, you have the option to switch between different characters. This article will show you how to change your character in GTA 5.

  • Press the "Y" button on your controller and press up or down on the directional pad to select a new character.
  • Press "A" to confirm your selection.

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How To Switch Characters In GTA 5

  • Hold down the Alt key after running the game. 

  • Use the directional keys or the mouse to highlight the character you wish to switch to and then release the Alt key.

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