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Marco Asensio makes definitive statement about Real Madrid future

Real Madrid will not sell anyone unless they ask to leave the club this winter, according to Carlo Ancelotti, but things aren’t always as simple as that. Just ask Marco Asensio.

Marco Asensio makes definitive statement about Real Madrid future

Convinced that there would be no place in Madrid for him this season, Asensio made the decision that he wanted to leave the club after contract negotiations stalled last spring. However there was no outside offer that satisfied Asensio’s requirements on the table.

This led to a frustrated Asensio, as was seen when he angrily reacted to not getting on the pitch against Real Mallorca. Since, matters have improved though.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti challenged Asensio to earn more minutes and he responded with a goal against RB Leipzig and an apology to the fans. His increased effort saw him see more game time and an impact on the team, contributing directly to five more goals.

Now, it appears Asensio has come full circle on his desire to leave.

“There is talk that I am changing Real Madrid’s mind. But I have always tried to give the best that I have within me, and then later on people will be know about it. The one who decides, too, is the club, it does not only depend on me. After the World Cup We’ll both make a decision.”

The comments were made to RadioMarca. Asensio’s contract is up next summer, but there has been relatively little speculation about a departure of late.

“Do I want to renew? Hopefully it can happen and I’ll be very happy at Real Madrid for many years, hopefully everything will work out so I can stay for 10 more years.”

It seems Asensio is keen to have a happily ever after with Real Madrid, but that could all change when negotiations begin again. Los Blancos did not want to give Asensio a starter’s salary last season and will likely not budge on that decision, given his minutes. The fairy tale ending will depend on how much both sides are willing to compromise.

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