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BuzzHint | 2024 Latest Movies and Tv Series Download WORLD CUP: Luis Enrique has joked he 'needs to pick Ferran Torres' or his daughter will 'CHOP off his head'

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WORLD CUP: Luis Enrique has joked he 'needs to pick Ferran Torres' or his daughter will 'CHOP off his head'

Spain manager Luis Enrique has joked that he 'may have to pick' Ferran Torres in the World Cup or his daughter Sira Martinez might 'cut his head off.'

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The 22-year-old winger announced his relationship with Enrique's daughter earlier this year, before he moved from Manchester City to Barcelona.

He has now been called into the Spain squad for the Qatar World Cup, having excelled at the Camp Nou this season scoring 12 goals in 44 games.

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And when asked who, in the Spain squad might be the most similar player to Enrique, the manager said: 'That's very easy - It's Mr Ferran Torres - otherwise my daughter will come after me and chop off my head.'

Torres' girlfriend, Martinez is a professional showjumper in Barcelona, but when asked whether there is any pressure on him to play for his girlfriend's father, the 22-year-old said: 'Not at all.

'I think the coach and I, we know how to differentiate between when it's family and when we are manager and player.

'I think we have to get on with it in a natural way, just that and we're getting along fine.'

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The winger has also featured in nine games for the national side this season, scoring once and is likely to play a part as Spain take on Costa Rica on Wednesday.

Spain will also square off against Germany and Japan in a tough group that they will need to fight hard to come out of on top.

Interestingly, Spain have one of the youngest squads at the world cup, boasting an average age of 26.1, with young stars like Gavi and Ansu Fati bringing a fresh energy to the Red Fury's roster.

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But while they are a young side, Torres admitted that they are focused on beating Costa Rica and progressing in the World Cup.

'When you play against a team that is closed it's always harder,' he said. 'They (Costa Rica) play in a very compact way. It will be hard.

'We are a team with a lot ahead of us, we are very young.

'The young ones, we are very hungry, very ambitious and keen to show off our football.'

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