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Dilwale (2015) [Bollywood Movie]

 Dilwale (2015) [Bollywood Movie]

Download Dilwale Indian Movie Mp4 Film

In 2015 Veer Bakshi works as a car tuner with his elder brother Raj Bakshi in Goa. He meets a passer-by Ishita, a beautiful and educated young girl, and befriends her by helping her, damaging the car of his customer in the process. For penance, Raj makes him fix it, during which Veer sleeps and awakes to find that the car’s music system has been stolen.

The men of a local gang leader, King, try to sell drugs at a crab shack. Veer beats them up after they threaten Ishita. They then come back later to exact revenge on Veer, but Raj breaks up the fight. Raj visits him in hospital and learns of King’s hideout.

He goes there, incapacitates the gang members, and burns their drug stash. Raj, his face shrouded by a hood, tells King’s men his original name, Kaali. The next day, King suspecting Raj as Kaali as he is Veer’s older brother stops by Raj’s shop to present to assess if Raj is Kaali. Raj appears humble and unthreatening, which leads to King thinking that Raj cannot be the tough Kaali. King makes a deal where Raj will fix all of King’s cars in exchange for King’s protection.

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
  • Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan
  • Runtime: 158mins

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