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Naijaprey - Extra Ordinary Man (2023) Bollywood Movie

 Naijaprey - Extra Ordinary Man (2023) Bollywood Movies

Extra Ordinary Man 2023 Movie Download

Abhi, from his childhood, revels in the art of playing other people. His mother recognizes his extraordinary talent, propelling him into the world of acting.

As he matures, he becomes a sought-after junior artist, always relegated to the background. The lines between reel and real life blur as Abhi faces a complex situation at home, with a supportive mother and a nagging and concerned father.

A chance encounter with Likitha , the MD of a company, leads to love, and Abhi finds himself playing the role of a CEO. However, a conniving director presents an intriguing script, introducing Abhi to Nero, a self-absorbed and evil character with conquest on his mind.

Extra Ordinary Man
Genre: Action, Drama
Stars: Nithiin, Sree Leela, Rao Ramesh
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 151mins

Watch the trailer below;


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