About Us

At BuzzHint, we’re passionate about the transformative power of science, revealing the wonders of the universe and the complexities of robotics. Our dedicated team of seasoned editors and science journalists is committed to delivering the most crucial stories with clarity, authority, and a hint of wit.

Whether you’re captivated by AI adventures, archaeological revelations, mind-bending physics, cosmic exploration, the intricacies of human behavior, or the enigmas of our planet, embark on your journey of discovery with us.


BuzzHint is owned and operated by MaxtrixInsight LLC, a media company with offices in Wyoming. MatrixInsight is a private, self-funding company with no outside investors.

Why Trust Us

Science and the world around us can definitely be pretty interesting if you make it accessible and fun. That’s what we’re going for at BuzzHint – finding those fascinating stories in research papers and new studies and breaking them down so people actually want to read about them.

We don’t just skim the surface either and our team really digs into the details, checking multiple sources, consulting experts, all that. We have to be accurate but also make this stuff enjoyable ya know? The standards are high but it pays off when readers love what we put out.

There will be more beyond the usual science reporting too. We do special features on lifestyle, business and so on, tackle life’s random mysteries that keep you up at night.

Basically if it’s intriguing, makes you think or sparks your curiosity we want to cover it. The goal is to help people explore developments in science, tech, human behavior and more that they can genuinely get excited about. Even topics you maybe thought were boring at first!

So whether you want to dive deep into the latest research or just get some plain-talk answers to nagging questions, hopefully you’ll keep finding stories here at BuzzHint that speak to your interests. We promise to keep bringing you content that informs and entertains.

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BuzzHint welcomes all feedback.

Please use the following as the best points of contact for your query:

For Advertising questions,please email us:zoetaylorew@outlook.com

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Join Us

Do you aspire to work on BuzzHint? If so, we’d be delighted to have you, and occasionally we will post job openings.

If you’re a freelancer who are interested in science and a solid researcher, you’d love to pitch to us, then please email sevice@buzzhint.com. We’re dedicated to listening and nurturing skilled writers from any background or education.

Editor Team

Mike Brown:Editor-in-Chief, Science Editor

Michael Anthony: Senior Editor in Tech & Finance

Jack Smith: Senior Editor in Tech

Jack Smith: Business Editor

Jessica Taylor: Reviews Writer

Sarah Wilson: Trending Editor

Emily Davis: lifestyle Editor

Editor Profile

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is BuzzHint’s science editor. He holds a PhD in biology and has plenty of experience with academic research and making complex stuff easier to understand for normal folks and when he’s not working, Mike likes watching birds, hiking, and taking photos.

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony founded the site Buzzhint. He also does graphics design and web development. Michael writes about all kinds of tech and money topics helping readers understand what’s going on.

Jack Smith

Jack Smith writes about the latest tech advances for BuzzHint. Her backgrounds in computer science, so she really knows this stuff inside out. She’s worked as a software developer and tech reporter too. During her free time, Jack has got her nose buried in new science books or is out attending some conference.

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is pursuing double majors in economics and journalism. He has professional experience in finance and consulting. During his free time, Tom enjoys reading economic history, playing chess, and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor has worked with BuzzHint for two years as an experienced writer who specializes in product reviews and consumer advice and with a marketing degree Jessica has an eye for detail and evaluates products from the user perspective. She loves testing new gadgets, cooking, and blogging during her free time.

Emily Davis

Emily Davis, a senior magazine writer creates engaging wellness, fashion, and cultural content. She previously gained experience as a freelance writer for assorted lifestyle magazines. Emily has worked with BuzzHint for over two years.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson serves as the trending topics editor at BuzzHint, reporting on the latest pop culture and viral news. With a journalism degree Sarah has a talent for identifying and covering stories that capture public interest. She previously worked as a social media manager and content creator.