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Five-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest Recipient of Bionic Hero Arm

In a twist straight out of a comic book, a five-year-old boy from Long Island, New York, has become the youngest person in the world to receive a bionic hero arm. The prosthetic, reminiscent of the one worn by Iron Man in Marvel Comics, has given Jordan Marotta a new lease on life.

Born without his left hand, Jordan’s life took an extraordinary turn when he received his custom 3D printed prosthetic arm from Open Bionics, a company based in Bristol. The company, founded in 2014, has revolutionized the field of prosthetics, making them accessible and attractive, especially for younger users.

The hero’s arm, as it is called, is not just a prosthetic; it is a multi-grip bionic arm that uses special sensors to detect muscle contractions and convert them into bionic hand movements. This advanced technology allowed Jordan to grasp objects and function normally, a feat that was not possible with his previous prosthetic due to its limited functionality.

Jordan’s mother, Ashley Marotta, shared her son’s enthusiasm and the transformative impact of the Hero Arm. “It was an instant confidence boost; the hero’s arm really makes him feel like a superhero and he’s obsessed with superheroes,” she said. “Then he wanted to rush back to school to show it to his teachers and friends.”

The Hero’s Arm is not only a marvel of technology, but also the embodiment of a child’s dreams. Jordan, like many kids his age, is obsessed with superheroes. The Iron Man-style arm not only gave him a functional hand, but also made him feel like a superhero, a sensation that was a significant confidence boost.

Open Bionics, the company behind Hero Arm, has made waves in the prosthetics industry. The company is the only one in the world capable of producing multi-jointed hands that are small and light enough for small children like Jordan. It also holds the unique distinction of being able to produce bionic weapons from the Marvel, Star Wars and Disney universes, thanks to a long-term collaboration with The Walt Disney Company.

The Hero’s Arm was covered by insurance, a relief for Jordan’s parents. Ashley Marotta expressed her gratitude to Open Bionics, saying, “We’re excited to see him get used to reaching with two hands and playing with his superhero toys with two hands.”

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