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Saudi Hospital Breakthrough: Robotic Cardiac Surgery Milestone

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Riyadh’s King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre has recorded close to a miracle in its success rate for its Robotic Cardiac Surgery Program, reaching 400 patients operated on since the program’s inception in February 2019.

KFSH&RC led in the integration of robotics into health, changing the face of health delivery and improving the precision of surgeries. In this area, the hospital has become globally known for its vast experience, and through the performance of many robotic surgeries, especially in the cardiology area, it has sealed the position of market leader.

This hospital’s journey in robotic surgery started way back in 2003, and with time, the facility has grown its capacity in various fields. This could be urology, cardiology, transplant, or even general surgeries. The American Global Medical Surgical Robotics, GMSR ranked the program highest in the volume of robotic cardiac surgeries outside the USA and top five worldwide.

The uniqueness of KFSH&RC’s program lies in handling highly complex cardiac cases in children below 18, unmatched by any other hospital globally. High-end expertise that characterizes the program involves the treatment of high-risk patients, including morbidly obese redo surgeries. Particularly, KFSH&RC has performed cases of robotic surgeons on patients undergoing their third cardiac redo, which has not been witnessed in any USA hospital.

The hospital has initiated some of the most innovative procedures, such as robotic multi-valve operations and robotic aortic valve replacements, thus setting new benchmarks. With this kind of advancement, there has been a considerable improvement in patient outcomes, including reduced blood transfusions and mechanical ventilation time, which in turn reduces hospital stays by more than 50 percent and costs by 40 percent compared to conventional techniques.

The influence of KFSH&RC extends beyond borders into Germany, the USA, and other locations with proctoring and training initiatives that further raise its international reputation regarding robotic cardiac surgery.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre ranks first in the Middle East and Africa and 20th in the list of the world’s top 250 Academic Medical Centers for the second consecutive year. Second, Brand Finance ranking 2024 positioned it as the most valued healthcare brand not only in the Kingdom but also in the Middle East. Newsweek magazine ranked the entity in the world’s best 250 hospitals.

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