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Taste the World in Seattle’s Culinary Hotspots

Seattle, ever famous for its dynamic urban dining scene, is indeed a melting pot of global flavors. From the best ice cream in town to the kind of Ethiopian restaurants ranked at the top and from fine sushi happy hour to the batch of innovation coming out of Alinea, Seattle provides you with a gastronomic journey that agrees with every palate.

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In 2019, Molly Moon’s alums Emily Kim and Heather Hodge founded the Pastry Project to combat the disturbing dearth of trained pastry chefs in the Seattle area. They offer free, 14-week training courses to the next generation of dessert craftspeople in the city, supported by a combination of bake sales, subscription boxes, and a soft-serve window in their Pioneer Square kitchen. It’s their indiscreet toppings and impeccably crafted hard-shell coatings that have spawned a cult following for the shop. “The window will be thrown open for the summer at 3 p.m. on June 28th, and will remain so every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the end of August, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.,” they announced.

Seattle is also home to one of the largest Ethiopian diaspora communities in the United States, which is reflected in its culinary scape. There are pocket concentrations throughout Seattle and its suburbs that feature an accumulation of homemade eateries serving the Ethiopian cuisine of slow-cooked and strongly spiced dishes from the Horn of Africa. If you’re a beginner, one’s stomach gets first acquainted with injera, a fermented flatbread that’s a staple of Ethiopian and Eritrean food.

The city’s sushi scene is no less exciting. Located on the first floor of a historic building, Japonessa, specializing in sushi under the famous Chef Billy Beach, received the nod from Seattle Met Magazine for the best sushi. Opened in August 2010, this restaurant has drawn a huge following. “This place is huge and it’s great for a social meet-up or catch-up dinner with friends. They also have a happy hour and the rolls are huge. Definitely, big servings so come hungry,” one patron advised.

Another sushi bar highly recommended by locals is Momiji. “Absolutely LOVE Momiji! Definitely in my top 5 places for sushi in Seattle. Everything is perfect. The ambiance, the service, the drinks, the location, and of course THE SUSHI. I have no criticisms to give here,” a satisfied customer shared.

The last one of these is Alinea, frequently touted as the most progressive restaurant in modernist cuisine in the world. It was deemed the Best Restaurant in the World by Elite Traveler; by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the Best Restaurant in North America; and by Gourmet and Business Insider, the Best Restaurant in the U.S. This is among the unique thirteen restaurants in the United States with the much-coveted Michelin 3-Star rating.

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