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Enhance Your Self-Care: More Than Just Bubble Baths

For most people, self-care automatically evokes images of a long, luxurious bubble bath, escaping with a work of good literature, watching your favorite series, or taking a restorative nap. While these things can offer moments of reprieve, often at the root of burnout and exhaustion lie deeper sources that they can’t seem to touch.

Indeed, our insatiable enemies for our tiredness can actually be unrealistic personal expectations and strict rules imposed on us by ourselves. In our zealous pursuit of perfection and success, we chain ourselves into anxiety, hopelessness, and unending burnout, and think that all these will someday give us happiness. It’s time to break loose from such personal constraints.

Six Things to Stop Caring About

Others’ Opinions

Looking for approval from everybody is tiring, and he/she will end up frustrated. Self-worth should never rely on everybody else. Others’ praise cannot comfort low self-esteem, and one cannot please everybody after all. It is, therefore, better to love and accept oneself because that is more fulfilling compared to seeking other people’s short-lived approval.


Comparing oneself with other people’s achievements is a sure recipe for misery. Such a view underlines what one feels is their shortage while blurring the things in you that are unique and special. You should know that, no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who excels more in that area. It is greatly valuable to support your self-esteem by revealing what makes you different and living authentically.

Societal Standards

Society can be rigid with appearance, possessions, and use of social media. Keeping up with these dictates of society can be overwhelmingly stressful and less than rewarding. Take a little time to think about your real wants and make choices that match your needs, not pressures from society.


Perfection is an instinctual pursuit, but it is unrealistically damaging. Nobody, not even that perfect influencer, goes without flaws or struggles. Reconsider your standards and strive for real goals that bring you contentment.

Others’ Expectations

Well-meaning advice from others can sometimes unconsciously project their aspirations onto your life. Even if their intentions may be good, only you know what you want and need. Living by your values, not the projections of others, can keep you from being resentful and unsatisfied.

Uncontrollable Circumstances

It is completely futile, sucking on all energy, to try and control everything in life. Learn what is not under your influence and save energy for anything that can be changed. The world’s wheels are going to spin whether you do anything or not at any given moment.

True Self-Care: Letting Go

Ultimately, it is upon you to make yourself happy and be fine. Do your best, however. Just as you do it for any other person with love and respect, let go of all petty frictions and binds that restrict you from reaching the depths and imbibe life fully. Look within, respect yourself, and begin living for real, outside of the expectations or burdens that either anyone or you ever placed on thee.

The deeper meaning of self-care goes way beyond indulgent, superficial pampering alone; it takes the bravery to let loose from limiting beliefs and expectations that drain the soul. If you prioritize this, the mental and emotional form of self-care will make you feel free and full, most of the time.

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