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New Study Uncovers Lifespan Differences Among Domestic Cat Breeds

A new scientific study, conducted by the personnel of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, showed that there exist high variations of life lengths among domestic cat breeds. This study was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and

Surgery speculates on the causes and differences in the genetic variability of these species. We decided to have a look at the millions of cat records that were on file. We went for a period of over more than two years, from January 1, 2019, until March the 31st 2021.

The results show that Burmese and Birman cats have the longest lifespan with an average lifespan of 14.4 years after the first year of awareness. These are followed by the mixed ones with mean values of 11.9, Siamese with some 11.7 and the remaining ones with lower averages belie Persian (10.9 years), Ragdoll (10.3 years), Norwegian Forest (10.0 years), Maine Coon (9.7 years), Russian (9.7 years), British, (9.6 years), and Siberian (8.5 years).

On the contrary, the Sphynx breed has the shortest lifespan just 6.7 years on average after the first year, respectively. On average then with females being the assumed case, cats live 11.7 years after being one year whereas the equivalent male lasts on average for less time.

In addition, the research team looked at the role of sexual dimorphism, body weight, and sterilization on the cat’s longevity. Among the results, the researchers found that neutering was a trend the cats were neutered while weighed the shortest lives and that a weighted cat was more likely to avoid death-like states than other counterparts.

Dr. Dan O’Neill from the RVC, a co-author of this study, reported that “Essentially what we’re doing is we’re giving some level of statistical certainty, where previously it was just guesswork.” He added, “If somebody’s priority is they want a cat that is going to defer death for as long as possible, on average, we now have the evidence to say [get a] female and crossbred.”

The study aims to assist cat owners in making responsible choices about their pets’ health and lifestyle. Nevertheless, they think that it is important to carry out more studies on the reasons for Sphynx cats’ deaths and subsequently find a solution.

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