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Tactical Shotguns: Reliable Home Defense Weapons for Any Situation

Defending your home or property with a firearm is not an easy choice to make. However, shotguns are a popular choice and relatively easy to learn to use. When it comes to home defense, most experts will tell you that shotguns are preferred, but more specifically, the best gun for home defense is a “tactical rifle.”

Tactical rifles are effective, reliable, easy to use and, in most cases, very affordable. As threat management expert Spencer Courson said in a podcast last year, “when they come during the day, they come for your stuff, when they come at night, they come for you.”

Why choose tactical rifles over hunting rifles? Generally, the preference is for a .12 caliber rifle with a tube-fed magazine rather than a box magazine which is prone to jamming. There’s a reason why military and police units use .12 caliber rifles: they are by far the most effective. The choice of ammunition is also important; the birdshot is out and we recommend using .00 buckshot or a slug. The type and brand of ammunition must be matched to the rifle you choose to ensure it performs well.

Other factors to consider include barrel length (the ideal home defense rifle should have a barrel close to the federal minimum of 18 inches for easier handling), action type (pump action or semi-auto), stock options and pistol grip and accessories such as scope rails or red dot lights.

The four best tactical rifles for home defense include:

Benelli M4 Tactical Rifle: Designed and used by the United States Marine Corps, the Benelli M4 is extremely accurate, fast and has minimal recoil. It comes with Picatinny rails but retails for a hefty $1,500-$1,800.

Beretta 1301 Tactical: This lightweight rifle uses Beretta’s “Blink” gas system to reduce recoil. According to the manufacturer, the cycle is 36% faster than other automatic rifles. The synthetic stock is comfortable but the tube magazine only holds 4+1 cartridges.

Remington 870 Express Tactical: An iconic and popular pump action, the 870 is well made, reliable, accurate and affordable at $450-$500. The tactical version has a pistol grip, synthetic stock and holds 6+1 bullets. A rail allows you to add a red dot optic.

Mossberg 590A1 Tactical Rifle: Selected by the US Army, the 590A1 is a combat-designed rifle with an 8+1 tube magazine and a Speed ​​Feed stock that holds 4 extra rounds. Ghost ring sights allow for accuracy at maximum distances. It may be a little long for some as a home defense weapon at 41 inches overall.

Ultimately, using a tactical rifle as a home defense weapon takes practice, just like any other firearm. As Courson noted, in a crisis situation people will revert to the highest level of training. So get out to the range and train with your chosen tactical rifle to be ready to reliably defend your home if the unthinkable were to happen.

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