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The Psychology Behind Our Obsession with Sharing Food Photos Online

It is a new phenomenon of digital culture that clicking a picture of the food you are going to have, has become something like a responsibility before actually devouring it. The widespread customization of food snapshots on social networking platforms has transformed both culinary and digital spaces. However, what is the fundamental element that drives the whole world to this obsession?

There is just not a single reasoned argument that supports our passion for publicizing our victuals on the Internet.

The human being is a visual creature. The mere vision of a combo that is roasted first and juicy and a few farm products from the green such as salad donating some health, the link is … aroused by a multisensory response, that ignites due to the subjective association of the taste of it with smell and memory. The crisp colors, complex patterns, and other minute notes depicted in such a visual photo excite the viewer from his earlier sensory experiences of the smell, and the viewer’s brain will certainly make the food released before it as a result of the feeling of hunger and anticipation.

The stimulation in conjunction with the mind’s propensity to associate visual stimuli with cheesy tastes evokes amplified hunger and anticipation. 

The mere act of sharing food photos happens to be a channel for the expression of oneself. Completing an aesthetic presentation of the avocado toast on an appropriate dish is more than just having a meal; also it’s a way of showing how diverse and imaginative we are to others. The capturing and sharing of food intertwined in social networks are unintentionally meeting grounds among us to experiment with several of our innovative ideas.

There’s a main part with Social validation as well. Those emojis of a red heart and raised fingers born in the digitalized world act as the handclaps in place of the real ones when it is told that we have achieved something. Under the television shows of cooking that people are following excessively right now, we are all participating in a demonstration of new self-belief, as a result of our abilities to think quickly.

Food is not just a nourishing thing; it is also a conversation piece that tells us about cultures, traditions, and memories. Online cuisine-sharing experiences are a global potluck where all people bring their unique flavors to the table. So, that sushi roll probably mothers someone’s Tokyo trip, while that bowl of chili would be another person`s cozy family gathering.

Furthermore, the very popular foodie community has created an atmosphere of making beautiful Instagram food. 

The popularity of cooking shows that turn chefs into rockstars and food blogs that have more recipes than a grandmother’s kitchen means that many people are enthusiastic about social media platforms where they can exhibit their culinary skills.

We do not take pictures of our food only to stay engaged and build our popularity, but we gather a lot of other benefits as well.

It is really about engaging our senses, establishing relationships, and even making fun of food. The next time you are browsing a feed of gourmet treats and supermarkets remember that it is a symphony of palates, colors, and meetings presented through millions of pixels.

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