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Seyi Vibez Net Worth, Biography, Music Career, House and Cars

Seyi Vibez net worth is estimated at $800,000, which is roughly N1 Billion. He accumulated his wealth through his successful career in the Nigerian music industry as well as other businesses and investments he is involved in.

Seyi Vibez Net Worth, Biography, Music Career, House and Cars

Seyi Vibez is known for his breakthrough single “Chance” from his second studio album titled Billion Dollar Baby. The song debuted at No. 19 on the UK Afrobeats singles chart and peaked at number 7 on the TurnTable Top 100 chart. He is just a few years into the music industry but his talent in singing and songwriting has earned him a meaningful position in the Nigerian music world. Added to his fame and massive growth in the entertainment industry, Seyi Vibez’s net worth of $800,000 now places him among the fastest-rising young millionaires in the country. Here are facts you should know about Seyi Vibez net worth and how he managed to grow his wealth.

What is Seyi Vibez’s Net Worth?

Seyi Vibez net worth is estimated at $250,000. The 23 year-old singer, whose real name is Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, generated much of his wealth from his music career. Seyi Vibez was just 14 years old when he joined the music industry. He, however, debuted in 2019 with his single “Anybody”. Although it could not make much impact, it helped to announce him to the music world.

Seyi gained his first taste of fame in 2021 following the release of his single “Godsent”, the same year he released his debut studio album No Seyi No Vibez (NSNV). He released his second studio album Billion Dollar Baby with the Mixtape “Billion Dollar Baby 2.0” in 2022, and the album peaked at number 1 on the Turntable 50 albums chart. The success of his music album alongside his Mixtape played a significant role in his success in the industry as he was cited as one of the 16 African artists to watch by MoreBranches.

Moving further in his career, Seyi Vibez released his debut Extended Play, “Memory Card” in January 2023. The 5-track EP featured American rapper YXNG K.A and as expected, it trended quite well, earning him more fame and of course a boost to his financial strength. Even “Alaska,” a single from his debut EP was listed by Okay Africa as one of the best songs in Nigeria. Barely a month later, he was featured in Zlatan’s “Let There Be Light” which debuted at No. 14 on Apple Music’s Top 100 Nigeria chart. August welcomed Seyi Vibez’s ”Jajoo” featuring fellow music star Kizz Daniel.

So far, the Afropop singer and songwriter Seyi Vibez has released four studio albums and three EPs with many hit songs that keep trending on various music chats. Vibez plays his songs mostly in Yoruba. His predominantly Afro-pop musical style is heavily influenced by historical luminaries like Fela Kuti. His music efforts have earned him the Best Street-Hop Artiste award at the 16th Headies Award held in September 2023.

Source of Seyi Vibez Net Worth

Seyi Viibez’s career as a musician has been the main source of his wealth accumulation. He is not just a singer but also a writer of his songs. As an artist who focuses on performance, he earns most of his income from advances, merchandise, royalties, licensing fees and playing live music.

In complement to his music collaborations, he serves as a brand ambassador for prominent Nigerian companies and international businesses. So far we could categorically say that Seyi Vibez makes his money from the following:

  • Music Album sales
  • Live Performances and Concerts
  • Streaming and Views
  • Brand Endorsement Deals

Online Streaming is a Key Contributor to Seyi Vibez’s Net Worth

Digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, and YouTube Music are among the major contributors to Seyi Vibez net worth. At a rate of two albums per quarter, Seyi Vibez consistently provides his ever-expanding fan base with big hits. The star artist made his first hit on Apple Music in June 2023, which not only showcased his talent but resonated with a wider audience and further contributed to his net worth.

One of Vibez’s biggest earners online so far is his song “Gwagwalada,” which apparently has garnered 27,008,553 streams on Spotify. Songs like Chance (Na Ham) and Giza (feat. Seyi Vibez) follow closely as his second and third most streamed songs, respectively. His album Thy Kingdom Come charted at #12 on Spotify and the U.S. Top 10 Apple Music Album Chart. His debut EP “Memory Card,” garnered over 6.30 million streams in the first week of its launch. Four tracks from the EP dominated the Turntable Top 10 chart and was listed by Pan African Music as one of the 10 best albums of January 2023.

As of July 2023, Vibez’s streaming numbers have translated into substantial earnings, with an estimated N187, million generated from Spotify alone. This is based on Spotify’s average payment of $0.004 per stream. His presence on YouTube has also earned him a reasonable income as he is believed to have made more than N105 million in streaming revenue during the same time period. YouTube pays $18 for every 1,000 ad views and Seyi Vibez channel SeyiVibezVEVO has over 96k subscribers. His music videos like Chance (Na Ham), Bullion Van (Official and C Major (Visualizer) have generated much income following their millions of views.

Seyi Vibez’s Income From Live Shows

Added to his streaming income from various digital platforms, Seyi makes meaningful income from his live shows and performances. The young street-hop star has distinguished himself as a sought-after performer within the Nigerian music industry, thanks to his electrifying stage presence and infectious musicality.

One of Seyi’s biggest live performances at the 2023 Soundcity Music Awards, where he had the honour of performing alongside esteemed artists like Rema. He also performed at  Clout Africa 2023, further solidifying his reputation as a prominent performer. The exact amount he was paid for performing at these events was not revealed but they are definitely huge enough to influence his net worth.

In July 2023, Seyi Vibez hosted a free show in Ikorodu and he participated as one of the headliners at the debut edition of the Beer With Us Festival (BWUFEST). The event, held at the prestigious Landmark Leisure Beach in Oniru, Lagos, attracted a massive crowd of over 10,000 music and beer enthusiasts and is certain to have fetched Seyi Vibez a healthy appearance fee.

Outside Nigeria, Seyi Vibez had his first UK concert at the renowned London O2 Indigo in August 2023.  this milestone event represents a significant step in Seyi Vibez’s burgeoning career. The event earned him a wider audience and helped him tap into new revenue streams, solidifying his financial position and bolstering his net worth in the process.

How Much Does Seyi Vibez Charge Per Show?

Seyi Vibez charges between $5,000 to $7,000 per show, internationally. If you are an artist and want to feature him in your songs, you would be paying roughly between $2,000 and $5,000 for featuring him. Though this amount is quite low compared to the likes of Rema who reportedly charges a minimum fee of $70,000 – $100,000 per show outside Nigeria and as high as N20 million for performances within the country.

Seyi Vibez Endorsement Deals

As one of the biggest social media influencers in the country, Seyi Vibez has endorsement deals with several major company brands, including Coca-Cola, GLO, and Betway. In 2022, the Afro Pop singer signed an endorsement deal with top beverage brand Origin and in August 2023, he reportedly signed a N100 million deal with Cardtonic. Though the exact details of his past deals were not disclosed, endorsement deals for musicians often range from ₦5 million to over ₦100 million naira.

 List of Seyi Vibez Endorsement Deals

  • Bamboo
  • Coca-Cola
  • GLO
  • Betway
  • Origin
  • Star Radler

Who Signed Seyi Vibez?

Seyi Vibez is currently an independent artist. He is not signed to any record label. He writes and promotes his own songs while Dvpper Music owned by Damillola Akinwunmi, distributes them. Vibez has released four studio albums all by himself. Speaking of how he “blew” up in the entertainment industry, Seyi Vibez claims that his songs began to trend in Ikorodu around 2020 before spreading wider to cities and its borders.

The fast-rising Afropop singer claims his successes in the music industry is not attached to anyone and he advises upcoming singers not to rely on getting singed before launching their music career.

How Much is Seyi Vibez House?

Seyi Vibez newly acquired house is worth around N500 million. The singer grabbed the spotlight in May 2023, after he revealed his purchase of a breathtaking mansion worth millions of naira in Lagos. In June 2023, Vibez also built a multimillion-dollar mansion for his father, in commemoration of his late mother. The substantial real estate investment not only showcases his financial prosperity but also establishes his prominence in the country.

Like other savvy Nigerian celebrities, Seyi Vibez is ensuring his assets and investments position him for long-term financial success. The music star has made smart investments to grow his wealth. He reportedly owns a thriving transportation business that provides extra income apart from his music career.

How Many Cars Does Seyi Vibez Have?

There are no exact details of how many cars Seyi Vibez currently has but he sure has a collection of cars from different brands and has even purchased some for his family members and close friends.

A recent photograph he shared on social media shows that Seyi Vibez has luxurious cars, such as a Range Rover, Chevrolet Camaro, and a Jeep Wrangler. One of his latest car purchases is a Lamborghini Urus which arrived in September 2023. In August 2023, he bought a Rolls Royce worth over N400 million. January 2023, Seyi Vibez expressed his appreciation for his official producer, Modra, by purchasing a brand-new Mercedes Benz.

How Much is Seyi Vibez Car Collection?

The exact worth of Seyi Vibez car collection is not known. This is mainly because the exact number of cars in his garage is not known. However, from the few we know, Seyi Vibez car collection is worth over $500,000 which is equivalent to hundreds of millions when converted to Nigerian Naira.

His Lamborghini Urus costs between 350 million and N400, million Naira, while his Chevrolet Camaro should cost between ₦28 million – ₦42 million. Rolls Royce, Range Rover and a Jeep Wrangler cost N400 million, ₦250, million, and ₦45 Million, respectively.

How Much is Seyi Vibez Chevrolet?

Seyi Vibez’s Chevrolet Camaro is worth around $23,000 which is equivalent to N17 million. A Chevrolet Camero is a mid-size American automobile classified as a pony car and was designed to compete with the Ford Mustang.

Seyi Vibez joins the list of celebrities who owns a Chevrolet. Davido bought a 2013 model of the car brand in 2013. The likes of Wizkid and even Zinoleesky have varying models of the car. Zinoleesky bought his own Chevrolet in June 2021. Other Nigerian celebrities who own a Chevrolet include Alex Ekubo, Timi Dakolo, Yomi Casual, and Ik Ogbonna.

How Much is Seyi Vibez Rolls Royce?

Seyi Vibez Rolls Royce is reportedly worth over N300, million. The young artist bought the luxury ride in June 2023 and it was one of the two luxury cars he bought in the same year.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Seyi Vibez Real Name?

Seyi Vibez real name is Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi. He is a Yoruba artist from Ketu in Lagos State, Nigeria.

2. Who is the Richest Between Seyi Vibez and Portable?

Portable is richer than Seyi Vibes. Street hip-pop rapper Habeeb Okikiola who is also known as  Portable Zazu, has his net worth estimated at $400,000, while Seyi Vibez has his net worth estimated at $250,000.

3. Who is the Richest Between Seyi Vibez and Bella Shmurda?

Bella Shmurda is richer than Seyi Vibez. The 27year-old Abiola Ahmed popularly known as Bella Shmurda has a net worth of about $450,000 to $500,000 which is way above Seyi Vibez net worth of $250,000.

4. Who is the Richest Between Seyi Vibez and Asake?

Asake is quite richer than Seyi Vibez. Asake’s net worth is estimated at $1.2 million while Seyi Vibez is worth $250,000.

5. Is Seyi Vibez Richer than Zinoleesky?

Zinoleesky’s net worth stands around $400,000 which is way richer than Seyi Vibez’s $250,000. Both artists are among Nigeria’s fast-rising musicians.

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